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  • Nadwa Zahid

Why Mindful Meditation

When you breathe correctly your mind and body relax, when your mind and body are relaxed you allow the energy in your body to flow more freely. This free flow of energy in turn keeps your channels open which allows you to see more clearly. You become more aware because you have removed the noise, the fog, the clutter and the confusion. You enter a state of mindfulness and you start to live in the now. You become fully present, not thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

The more you practice breathing consciously, the more you will exist in a divine state of surrender and submission. You will have a deeper understanding of your inner-self and your purpose in life. Therefore, you will become more relaxed, more at peace, more alert, more focused, more efficient, more capable and more productive.

If we imagine for a minute that life is a maze, filled with obstacles, twists and turns. Most people have no way of navigating through this maze and they go through it blindly; not knowing which way to go, they eventually find themselves lost, angry, frustrated and unfulfilled.

By practicing mindful meditation, you are strengthening your spiritual discipline and you become more enlightened. So now when you navigate your way through the maze, you are no longer going through it blindly. You are able to see clearly and flow through the maze with grace, with ease, with understanding and above all with love and with compassion.



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