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  • Nadwa Zahid

Conscious Awareness and Personal Responsibility

Conscious awareness comes with time and practice. One of the easiest ways of mastering conscious awareness is by moving everything that you’ve done throughout the day into your conscious mind; so that you become consciously aware of every action you took, every decision you made and every conversation you had. Bring them all into your conscious mind.

The goal is be in a constant state of consciousness and awareness. Becoming aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it. In order to do that you have to be honest with yourself, and ask yourself; am I happy with the decisions I made today? Am I being true to myself and to who I truly am?

If the answer is no you have choice points. You can either ignore the call for change and continue in the same old behavioural pattern, or you can do something about it and start to make small changes toward shifting and changing your behaviour.

We all have choices in life and our lives are shaped by the decisions that we make every single day. In order to change we have to take personal responsibility. This is done by looking inward and taking a good hard look at ourselves and being honest and accepting what we see; with love and with compassion and without judgement. This personal responsibility encompasses our behaviour, our actions, our reactions and our attitude. Taking personal responsibility is never about looking outward or blaming others.

All actions result in a reaction and it is often our reaction that impacts the outcome of any situation. Sometimes we need to take time out and just stop and breathe. Take a moment to gain clarity and understand the situation around you. Remember that words can hurt and often have consequences. Once spoken they can never be taken back. So stop, breathe, regain control of yourself and think before you speak.

Always make decisions that feel right to you. This way you honour your truth and you begin to live a life of authenticity, of truth and of love. It is at this point that you begin to live a happy, balanced and peaceful life.



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