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  • Nadwa Zahid


We have become so focused on the Shari’a that we have moved away from the true essence of Islam – from the ‘heart’ of Islam – spirituality.

It is through spirituality that we learn how to truly love. And since love is the fundamental truth in Islam, we owe it to ourselves, we owe it to our children, to our communities, to our planet, to the universe and ultimately we owe it to God to open our hearts and become more loving. By following the spiritual path we learn how to open our heart and how to keep our heart open – not just during times of happiness – but throughout our lives.

Only by deepening our spirituality do we become enlightened. It is in this state of enlightenment that our perspective shifts and we are able to see the world with joy and full of beauty. If we approach everything that we do in life with love – learn with love, teach with love, and communicate with love; if we allow love to guide us and to lead the way, so that we may become heart-centred, then we would be able to forgive through love, let go of anger, fear and grief through love. Overcome loss, insecurity, aggression and sadness through love. If we did that and applied love every step of the way then our entire experience on this earth will be very different. By being heart-centred we will turn the other cheek rather than react, we will become more gentle, humble and compassionate. The inner peace which most of us so desperately seek will no longer be a wishful thought or an abstract illusion, rather it will become something attainable to all of us.

By learning how to love, we are in fact going back to basics. Learning about love sends us back to the teachings of the Quran and of the Prophet PBUH. It is only by going back to the core/root/heart of our existence that we can truly move forward and open ourselves up to enlightenment.



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