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  • Nadwa Zahid

The Power of Forgiveness

We keep coming back to this issue, time and time again, we keep emphasising the importance of forgiveness; and yet still we struggle with it. I think essentially the reason most of us have such a hard time grasping this concept is because its meaning is often misunderstood. Whenever we hear the word “forgiveness” most of the time we understand it to mean that we have to excuse, justify or condone the wrongdoer’s behaviour. This however is not the case, what is being asked of us is to alter our perception so that we can come to see the situation with understanding, compassion and empathy.

Forgiveness is letting go of and releasing the negative connection that was formed with that particular relationship so that we can move forward. It frees our energetic cords from the negative attachment that was made so that we can move on feeling lighter, more free and at peace with ourselves, with the other person and ultimately with the universe.

We need to learn how to forgive what hurt us but never forget what it taught us. This is where courage and wisdom play a part in releasing the hurt and retaining the lessons. By not forgiving we become paralyzed and stuck, we allow ourselves to be controlled by the past and unable to live in the present. Forgiveness is an act of love. It allows us to open our heart which in turn allows us to experience more love in our lives; both in terms of giving as well as receiving love. We move out of victim-mode, take personal responsibility and move into a position of empowerment where we are in control of our emotions.

Forgiveness is not something that comes naturally to us; it requires conscious effort, however once mastered it is the biggest gift we can give to ourselves.



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